Tree Removal Cost San Diego – How Much You’ll Actually Pay

Frowning at a damaged, unhealthy, unsightly, or dead tree in your San Diego home? Well, that can be quite a nuisance. Thus, you might want to consider removing the tree before ruining your home’s aesthetics further.

While tree removal cost San Diego concerns might make you hesitant, this guide will take the headache out of your calculations and afford you the budget clarity you need.

But as you take time to learn about San Diego tree removal cost, you might want to also think about working with the right tree removal contractor to maximize your money’s worth.

Your choice of contractor will determine whether you end up on the lower or higher end of the average cost of removing that awkward-looking tree.

Keep scrolling to get a grasp of the cost breakdown.

Average Cost of Tree Removal in San Diego

The average San Diego tree removal cost may range anywhere from $370 to $1,650. While most local tree services in San Diego charge this much, complex projects, especially those involving multiple trees may roll over into several days, and hence cost a lot more.

Thus, depending on the project’s extent, expect the price to fluctuate. For example, if you want both the tree and stump removed, you should expect to pay slightly more as the trunk and roots come with separate price points. That is to say, you can elect either to have a complete tree removal or just the basic tree removal service.

With that in mind, tree removal cost in San Diego, CA may vary depending on several factors, chief among them being the type of company you choose to work with. Once you have found a dependable contractor for the job, their removal prices may further fluctuate according to the size of the tree, type of tree, and other situational factors. The section that follows provides a more in-depth review of the different factors and their corresponding price ranges. Take a look.

Tree Removal Pricing Factors

Being a delicate task, tree removal takes into account many things before it is executed. Similarly, the pricing of tree removal varies significantly based on a range of factors. It is imperative to critically analyze these factors before calling a tree removal service, as this might help you to properly articulate your budget and the time it will take to complete the job. Some of the weightiest factors to keep in mind before embarking on tree removal are the size of the tree, the type of tree, as well as other factors like location of the tree, tree diameter, the crew size needed, and the tree’s condition.

a. Size of Tree

As earlier stated, tree removal cost is a function of many factors, key among them being the tree’s size. In this sense, the size refers to the height of the tree being removed. Generally, a tree’s height will dictate the time needed to remove it along with the resources required to assess and remove it. The rule of thumb is that the higher the tree, the more time it will take to be broken down into smaller pieces and hence varying the removal price as follows:

Tree HeightAverage Cost Range To Remove Tree
20 feet$260 to $480
40 feet$520 to $960
60 feet$780 to $1440
80 feet$1040 to $1920

b. Type of Tree

Another critical factor in tree removal cost in San Diego is the type or species of tree. Interestingly, some tree species boast thicker wood than others hence pushing up the time needed to cut the branches and entirely remove the tree. That said, the five most common tree species in San Diego that homeowners place a removal service call for include:

Tree TypeAverage Price Range To Remove Tree
Palm trees$259 to $,2,730
Pine trees$200 to $1,500
Ficus trees$200 to $1,800
Jacaranda trees$300 to $2,400
Eucalyptus trees$708 to $2,126

c. Other Factors

In addition to the size and type of tree, many other factors come into play when a contractor is calculating the cost of your tree removal. Some of the factors you should never ignore include:

  • Tree condition: The condition of the tree may mean its overall health, the extent of tree rot, or the extent of neglect. Prior to their removal, trees in precarious conditions or sickly state might need an inspection by an arborist before removal to assess their structural integrity hence driving up the cost. To avoid any dangerous surprises during removal, the arborist will give guidance on the best way to cut the tree down. That said, a tree that has already fallen is far cheaper to remove.
  • Tree location: Depending on the accessibility of your tree and any surrounding intricacies, the tree removal cost may vary greatly. For instance, a tree sitting at the center of an open field will consume way less time and effort to remove compared to a tree standing by a building or other structures. Also, the easier the access by the tree removal vehicle, the lower the cost. In other words, depending on the level of risk and liability to the removal company, expect your costs to fluctuate.
  • Equipment: Generally, tree removal through crane assistance or a bucket truck tends to cost more than manual removal. The higher price point is attributed to the crane’s efficiency, which is a great time saver.
  • Crew size needed: Depending on the complexities surrounding your tree, the level of coordination may vary from a small crew to a large one. Thus, the more the crew needed to remove the tree, the higher the cost.

Does Stump Removal Cost Extra?

Yes, in almost every scenario of basic tree removal it does. Stump removal is considered by tree companies as an additional service beyond basic tree removal. Since the stump removal is never included in the tree removal price, you will have to part with an extra $60 to $350 depending on the stump’s diameter.

Failure to pay for the extra service means you will be left with an unsightly, hazardous stump to reckon with. That notwithstanding, some removal contractors may offer you a special price to have the stump removed in addition to the tree.

Even so, note that stump removal will demand a different set of equipment altogether. More so, it may be undertaken by a subcontractor thus necessitating the extra cost. While the stump diameter will affect the stump removal cost, a rotting stump costs less than a healthy, solid one.

Post Tree Removal Expenses

After removing your stubborn, unsightly, or hazardous tree, is that all? Well, you may be shocked to be slapped with post tree removal expenses if you work with an opaque contractor.

Some of these extra costs manifest in form of wood or debris hauling, tree trunk moving, log splitting, and limb chipping, among others.

Extra ServiceAverage Cost Range
Wood hauling$50 to $100
Tree moving$400 to $2,000
Log splitting$75 to $100 per tree
Limb chipping$75 to $125 per hour

With that in mind, avoiding such an extra pinch on your wallet takes the conscientious effort to partner with a reputable, trustworthy, and transparent tree removal contractor right from the get-go.

If you reside in and around San Diego, CA, Estates Tree Service fits the description. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you get rid of that irritating tree ruining your home’s aesthetics.