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Tree Trimming in San Diego County
Tree Trimming in San Diego County

Estates Tree Services offers Tree Trimming throughout San Diego County. There is no process more vital to ensuring that your property stays safe from falling limbs than Tree Trimming. When you have your free Tree Trimming estimate, our staff will come to your home or business and evaluate your trees, we will walk through your concerns and identify problem spots like dead branches, branches that are likely to fall or break off during a storm or cause any damage to your property.

We offer an 80ft Boom truck that can reach even your highest branches, and we services trees of all sizes, whether you have a large eucalyptus or smaller trees in your yard our crew comes fully equipped and ready for every tree trimming job that we encounter.

Tired of constantly having to rake leaves off of your lawn or collect them from your pool? Tree Trimming can solve all of those problems for you, we can trim trees to your exact specifications and make them fit your yard so you don’t have to deal with cleaning up leaves on the weekend when you should be enjoying your days off!

Tree Trimming is also dependent on the type of tree that you have, during your free Tree Trimming Estimate we will make suggestions based on the type of tree that you have and the conditions surrounding your tree, whether that be a nearby fence, solar panels or leaves falling.

Crown Reduction is tree pruning that decreases the height and spread of a tree, our skilled tree trimmers can properly cut back the appropriate limbs to achieve the proper shape. This will maintain the remaining limbs and overall health of your trees.

Crown Thinning involves selectively pruning tree limbs in order to increase light penetration and improve the structure of your tree, regular tree trimming is recommended for the health and safety of your trees as it allows more light penetration and more air flow through the leaves and branches of the tree which in turn makes it less likely to break during high winds.

Crown lifting involves removing the lower branches of a tree to provide clearance underneath for a variety of reasons including pedestrians, fences, buildings and more. If your trees are hanging down over a path or walkway it is time for tree trimming from Estates Tree Service.

Tree Pollarding involves severely pruning the head of the tree the first year followed by continued spot removal each year after for years to maintain a modest size for larger tree species. Pollarding is not effective for every species, during your Free Estimate be sure to ask if your tree is a good candidate for this type of tree trimming.

Palm Tree Trimming is common in Southern California, these beautiful and luxurious trees are known to leave a large amount of debris during storms and as they age. To maintain the look and appeal of your Palm trees it is suggested to have regular tree trimming services performed. Dead fronds, especially from Mexican Fan Palms are known to be homes for rodents such as mice and rats.

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Just moved to the estates & our home has solar panels. Unfortunately, we had this huge half dead pine tree in front blocking the sun from the panels. Don’t get me wrong, I love trees but this one had to go. The Estates Tree Service did a great job! Reasonable rate for the size of the tree & it was completely done in one day! Great fast & friendly service. I would definitely recommend them to anyone. Thanks guys!

David C. | Poway, Ca

We always use Tom’s Estates Tree Service to trim, cut down & clear our trees & brush. He always delivers. If he gives us a date & time he is there. His prices are fair & his clean-up of the job is awesome!! We would highly recommend him. He is a pleasure to work with!!

Linda B. | Ramona, Ca

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